Zhang Shengli – Founder, Beijing Milun School

Zhang Shengli is an internationally recognized martial arts champion with an unparalleled understanding of traditional kungfu history and philosophy. He has been a lead instructor for the special forces of the Beijing Police Academy, performed for the UN in Chicago and been featured on the BBC, NBC and China’s CCTV.

Since childhood, Zhang has fully devoted his life to the study of an enormous range of martial arts, including Shaolin, Chinese Kickboxing (Sanda), Shuaijiao Wrestling and Taekwondo. Following his graduation from the Sichuan Athletics University, Zhang took two consecutive national titles in the China Lightweight Men’s Sanda Boxing Championships.

For the last two decades, Zhang’s work has focused on Chinese internal martial arts. After moving to Beijing, modern China’s cultural hub of internal martial arts, Zhang sought out and trained daily with the city’s most famous elder masters of Taichi, Baguazhang and Xingyi.

Zhang believes that the study of martial arts is empty without philosophy, and his understanding of traditional Chinese philosophical texts, such as the Daoist Yi Jing (I-Ching) and Dao De Jing, is deeply evident in his practice. He holds an honorary research appointment at Peking University for his work promoting martial arts and culture, and is also a noted Calligrapher whose work is endorsed by the Beijing City Government.

With the aim of furthering the perfection of a unified internal and external kungfu practice, Zhang has developed his own renowned style of Taichi, Baguazhang and Xingyi, currently taught and practiced by his students worldwide.

Zhang Yuxuan – Head Instructor, Taichi, Xingyi, Bagua

Zhang Yuxuan has been the Head Instructor at the Beijing Milun School of Traditional Kungfu since 2004. He is an international martial arts champion and in 2002 won the title in the China Lightweight Men’s Sanda Kickboxing. Zhang has been featured by international media outlets including CCTV, the BBC and NBC.

Zhang studied Sanda Kick Boxing and Taekwondo at the Beijing Sports College and Qinna locks at the China Police University. He has an impressive mastery of internal martial arts and won first place demonstrating Taiji at the prestigious International Martial Arts Open in Beijing in 2005 and 2006. Zhang teaches in Chinese and English and his students come from all over the world. He is a disciple of Master Zhang Shengli.

Jin Chengsheng – Instructor, Shaolin Kungfu

Jin Chengsheng is one of Beijng’s few traditionally trained Masters of Chuojiao Fanzi, one of the oldest Shaolin martial arts still in existence. Jin is a disciple of Wu Binlong (1898-1977), China’s most famous modern teacher of Chuojiao Fanzi. In 2006 at the Beijing International Martial Arts Open, Jin took first place in Fanzi Forms, and first place in Sword Forms.

Passionately committed to martial arts since childhood, Jin draws on his extensive experience with internal martal arts. He is skilled in several weapons including the long tassel sword, the spear, the broadsword and the staff.

Zhang Baoxuan – Instructor, Xingyi and Sanda

Zhang Baoxuan excels in the ancient art of Xingyi and is a disciple of legendary Master Zhang Shengli. Zhang Baoxuan is a specialist in martial arts-specific fitness and physical conditioning. He has instructed martial artists from all over the world.

Zhang Baoxuan is an accomplished Sanda boxer noted for his speed, footwork and agility. He strives to support his students with an open and relaxed teaching style that caters to practitioners of all levels.