Sometimes described as “meditation in motion,” Taichi is a graceful form of exercise that is also a fighting art. Using gentle flowing movements, Taichi stimulates the circulation of “qi” or life force. Our Taichi classes include the practice of proper breathing, beautiful set forms and applied self-defense techniques. The practice has powerful healing effects and has been shown to lower blood pressure, relieve stress, strengthen the immune system.

Why Taichi?

• Increase energy, endurance and grace
• Cultivate mind and body harmony
• Understand Chinese philosophy and culture

About Zhang Style Taichi

Zhang style Taichi adheres to the traditional principles of the art, mixing both slow yin movements with fast yang ones. This style requires fitness, controlled breathing, manipulation of the dantian, and employs a variety of qinna techniques with kicks, punches and palm strikes. Similar to Chen Style, Zhang style emphasizes precision and the unity of external movement with internal qi manipulation.