Xingyi is the oldest and most fierce of the three internal martial arts. It is characterized by linear movements and promotes offense as a way of defense. The “Xing,” or shape, is derived from imitating the fighting movements of 12 different animals. The “Yi,” or mind, is generated internally from the heart. Beginning students will learn the five fundamental movements of Xingyi and how they relate to Chinese Five Element Theory.

Why Xingyi?

• Increase fitness, strength and courage
• Study powerful self-defense techniques
• Learn to sharpen and focus the mind

About Zhang Style Xingyi

Zhang Style Xingyi is distinctly tight and compact, with aggressively direct and fast footwork. While still adhering to traditional principles, Zhang Style incorporates contemporary elements that address classic Xingyi’s lack of flexible change. Drawing on influences from other forms of Wushu, which include Sanda, Shuaijiao Wrestling, Taiji, Bagua, and Shaolin Quan, Zhang style alters movements to be more adaptable to any situation. The end result is a Xingyi that is now faster and more powerful.