What Our Clients Say

This is the best kungfu training in China. The instruction is world-class, fun and you can see immediate, daily improvement.

– Joanna Wong

I have learned Chinese martial arts for some years and I found Milun when I arrived in China. It has definitely opened a whole new world of practice for me thanks to the traditional ways that are tought there, reflecting the depth of Chinese ancient knowledge, not so easy to find nowadays.

– Aymeric Novel

Beyond training, there’s an amazing social aspect to the school. Teachers and students form bonds that extend way beyond class time.

– Allie Jaynes

Milun School really made me discover what it is to practice chinese martial arts. With their serious training, in a friendly atmosphere, I reached a level I would never have thought I could achieve.

– Thomas Vendryes

Milun school’s programme trains your body as well as your mind – it has something to offer for everyone. An amazing opportunity to experience real Kungfu and China!

– Alexandra Wang

Studying at the Milun School was an incredible way for me to connect with Chinese language and culture outside of a classroom setting. The masters and students created a rigorous and challenging environment with plenty of humor as well. Kung fu is great for keeping in shape when most of your day is spent sitting behind a computer screen.

– Clay Baylor